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Diploma Courses
  Music is a thriving, fast-expanding business. With the proliferation of TV and radio stations, emergence of new media and technology convergence, the music horizons are expanding beyond traditional perimeters. This is an exciting time of technological change and challenge. You can be part of this booming industry when you show the potential and passion for music. You will gain an excellent understanding of the music industry and recording studios, and learn about the technology of the studio, and playback systems. You will explore the process of sound recording, programming, mixing and a portfolio music production. You will also develop your awareness of the commercial environment, and how best to promote your music. In the process, you acquire cutting-edge skills as well as hands-on experience with an array of professional equipment
  • Basic Physics & Electronics
  • Studio Handling & Session Management
  • Advanced Recording, Mixing & Mastering
  • Electronic Music Production
  • Midi Programming
  • Rhythm Programming
  • Music Post Production
  • Music For Films, Jingles, Games, Sacred Music
  • Indian Music & World Music Production Techniques
  • Background Scoring
  • Read & Write Music
  • Music Business Studies
  • Digital Audio Workstation
Course Duration : 18 months
  Audio engineering, a branch of Audio science, is a career for those who love Sound and wish to be a part of this industry. Audio Engineering is all about capturing sound, recording, copying, editing, mixing and reproducing sound using electronic devices. Audio engineering is one of the most popular and promising career in the modern generation that offers immense opportunity in the field of film, live sound, video production, sound broadcasting and advertising both in India and abroad. To be good in this field, lot of commitment and passion is required.
  • Basic Physics & Electronics
  • Studio Handling & Session Management
  • Analog And Digital Audio Engineering
  • Advanced Recording, Mixing & Mastering
  • Acoustical Engineering
  • Live Sound Engineering
  • Sync Sound
  • Film Post Production
  • Sound Synthesis
  • Sound Designing And Special FX
  • Audio Broadcasting
  • Digital Audio Workstation
Course Duration : 18 months
Crash Courses
  This course is aimed at teaching the basics of music programming.
  • Midi Fundamentals
  • Computer Configuration And Interfaces
  • DAW Production Techniques
  • Beat Construction
  • Sampling
  • Synthesis
  • Sequencing
  • Remix Techniques
  • Music Arrangement
  • Song Construction
  • Rhythm Programming
Considering the request from many aspirants we are now providing the following options for outstation candidates:
1) Candidate can choose flexible class options on Saturdays/Sundays/Holidays/20 days in one stretch.
2) The course of 20 sessions (3 hours each) can be completed in a period of 3 months.
3) Mutually convenient dates & timings can be arrived at.
4) Classes are on one to one basis.
Course Duration : 60 Hours